Welcome to Gotland Gastronomy

- a food and beverage festival from farm to table

 This is the first year we will introduce a food and bevarage festival on Gotland. 

Local restaurants, local food and beverage producers and growers offer a long weekend filled with unique events. It will contain specially composed menues, beverage tasting, guest chefs, winemakers visiting, fun events and experiences in all its forms in gastronomic sign!

These days we raise the entire region's competencies and offerings by allowing you as guests to choose which events you want to participate in. You can visit farms and food and beverage producers around the island as well as restaurants that are organizing different events these days.

 A weekend like this is for those who appreciate food, beverages and Gotland - you will love it!

The whole program of activities and experiences is available on the website from 1st of March. There are also information about traveling to and staying in Gotland during the festival. Plan a great a food and beverage trip with your friends and family. You put up the program yourself by booking the various activities, lunches and dinners that suit your company.

Take a car stroll on our beautiful island and visit various producers and restaurants around the island, stay for a couple of nights in the countryside and a couple of nights in Visby.

 Welcome to a gastronomic trip on our beautiful island!